the spinning jenny
3 June
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those kinda lies.

Jenny. 16. Geek. Dreamer. Singer(Alto!). Graphic arts. Fashion. Music. Rain. Grey. Imagination. Thought. Thoreau. Emerson. Television. Culture. History. Trousers. Mod. Vintage. 20s. Arias. Limes. Chicken sandwiches with swiss cheese. Sci-fi. Long nails. Individualism. Change. Glasses. Geeks. Self-Confidence. Anywhere but here. Photography. Curly hair.
The Lime to my Lemon.
The Cancerman to my Cigarette.
The Music to my Notes.
The Wilson to my House.
The Keller to my Beecher.
The Heather to my Jenne.
The Speedle to my Eric.
The Enchilada to my Cheese.
The Sky to my Star.
The Greg to my Nick.
The Construction Paper to my Scissors.

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